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The Bold Money Matters Team encourages all to celebrate, honor, and affirm Clergy all year long; however, October is national Clergy Appreciation month and presents an opportunity to raise funds to financially support Clergy through our Ministerial Excellence Fund (M.E.F.).

The M.E.F. is a matching fund supported by the CME Church and the Lilly Endowment, Inc.


Click on the link above to place an ad to honor a member of Clergy, purchase a lapel pin, make a donation, and/ or purchase a print copy of the journal.

The ad may honor a member of CME Clergy or a minister may showcase their ministry efforts by submitting an ad.  An electronic version of the E-book will be distributed widely throughout the CME Church and other stakeholders.


Ministerial Excellence Fund Lapel Pin

The M.E.F. lapel pin will be available and mailed out by Oct 31st!


Click here to purchase now!